177: Why darkness in cities matters? (guest: Pernille Bech-Larsen – SLA)

Welcome to the newest episode we discuss the importance of balance between light and darknes in urban areas: Why darkness in cities matters? 🧐

My guest: Pernille Bech-Larsen, who works with light at SLA, shares insights on the importance of embracing darkness in cities, highlighting how excessive artificial light can disrupt natural rhythms and impact biodiversity.

Other relevant themes of our discussion:

✅ Importance of darkness in urban design

✅ Impact of darkness on people, animals, and biodiversity

✅ Circadian rhythm and health implications of omnipresent light

✅ Light pollution and its effects on wildlife

✅ Subjectivity of safety perception in cities

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Pernille: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pernillebechlarsen/

📚 There are many reading recommendations for this episode and topic which you can find here: https://shorturl.at/ehkV5

📚 Let the book be: The Darkness Manifesto by Johan Eklöf.

Music: spear_oh

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