32: What does it mean to be an URBAN DESIGNER nowadays? (guest: Emeline Lex – Mandaworks)

The first episode of Urbcast in English! Today my guest is EMELINE LEX – Urban Designer at Mandaworks and Co-founder of Urban10 Collective.

I wanted to introduce Emeline and talk about the development of her professional path as an urban designer & planner.

We are answering the main quesion: What does it mean to be urban designer nowadays?

Emeline was gathering her experience as urban planner in Toronto, Canada at Ryerson’s School of Urban and Regional Planning.
Later she was working at IBI Group https://www.ibigroup.com/about-ibi-group, before she decided to move to Sweden and study Sustainable Urban Planning and Design. While living in Sweden, she co-founded Urban10 – urban design collective and started her professional work at Mandaworks office in Stockholm.

We talked about:

  • What does it mean for Emeline to be an urban designer and planner?
  • Why Canada is such a good place to develop your carrer as a planner?
  • Why did she resign from this career and moved to Sweden?
  • How does it feel to be a part of such a good office as Mandaworks?
  • What are Emelines duties during her work?
  • What does it mean to work creatively from home during lockdown?
  • What was the BEYOND YOUR 4 WALLS – HONOURABLE MENTION of HEALING: Alternative Designs for Quarantine Cities Competition about?

The book reccommended by EMELINE:

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