38: How can we transition towards car-free cities? (guest: Robert Martin – Head of Mobility at JAJA Architects)

In this episode we continue the topic of #mobility

After talking with Sofia Lundeholm in the last English episode, now I want to dive deeper into the topic and get to know about more solutions for more sustainable transportation in our cities.

I invited Architect, Industrial PhD Fellow, Research-based design architect and future mobility expert and the Head of Mobility at JAJA Architects – Robert Martin.

We talked about Robert’s background and his interest in mobility, his methodology of backcasting and prototyping or JAJA Architects’ vision for a car-free Copenhagen and the projects:
– Dynamic Street Profile (backcasting)
– Fredriksberg (prototyping)
– Strueensegade transformation – Copenhagen (prototyping).

Moreover, we discuss the popular Mobility Pyramid by JAJA Architects and we try to answer the key question:

What can we do TODAY to reduce car use?

The book recommended by Robert is:

The Three Body Problem, a novel by Liu Cixin


You can follow Robert’s work at:

I would also suggest checking these projects of JAJA:






You can follow URBCAST:


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