46: How to design cities with people? (guest: Jeanette Westergaard Frisk – arki_lab)

Welcome to the newest episode of Urbcast! Today I wanted to invite you to my new project: Copenhagen Architecture Offices Series. In the series I will introduce you to the architecture offices based in Copenhagen which I admire. The first guest of this series is Jeanette Westergaard Frisk – architect, urban designer and co founder of arki_lab – designing cities with people.

We talked about Jeanette’s doubts during architecture studies and her search for her professional compass.
How did she approach architecture and what made her pursue the citizen focused approach?

Why is arki_lab focused on the working with people and sharing architect’s tools with them?
How to avoid making people angry? How to design a space with a board game?
We talked about arki_lab tools before and during the pandemic (for ex. arki_nopoly) and how did they work when the pandemic started.

Moreover I asked Jeanette what is her message to the students of architecture and young professionals starting their careers?

Jeanette recommended the following books:

1) Books and publications by arki_lab

2) Feminist City: A Field Guide by Leslie Kern


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