65: What 10 places in Copenhagen should you visit as an architect, planner or a city lover?

Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen, but you are not sure what to see?

Welcome to the new solo episode of the podcast, which might be a big help for you.

In this episode, I share some practical information about various (re) development projects in Copenhagen.

This episode question is:

What 10 places in Copenhagen should you visit as an architect, planner or a city lover?

How did it start?

Some time ago, I recorded an episode in Polish, in which I shared interesting places to visit in Copenhagen. It was received very good so, I decided to make a full English version as well 🙂

Why should we talk about it?

Because Copenhagen is not only about the colorful houses at Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid or bikes. It has various (re)development projects that can be a great inspiration for architects & planners. Copenhagen is one of the most attractive cities to both live in and visit. But it is easy to overlook some very interesting projects. Especially if you are an architect, urban planner or just interested in cities and urbanism.

My favorite, and most interesting from a designer perspective, places in Copenhagen include:

  1. Reffen – Street Food & Innovation village
  2. BaneGaarden – a green oasis with focus on sustainable development in the middle of the railway terrain
  3. Nordhavn – new, redeveloped harbor area at the coast of the Øresund
  4. Christiania – an intentional community and commune known for many things but especially… 😉
  5. Sønder Boulevard – linear park with various facilities for sports and other activities
  6. Absalon – a community space where locals and others come together through various activities
  7. Kødbyen – is a centrally located multifunctional meatpacking district
  8. Tietgenkollegiet – a circular student housing with focus on community
  9. Amager Strand – Amager Beach Park is an artificial seaside public park
  10. Carlsberg Byen – new & old Carlsberg City neighborhood

Which other urban planning projects in Copenhagen should we talk more about?

Share it with me on Urbcast’s social media*, so I can include it in the second part!


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