About the podcast

At Urbcast, together with my various guests, we talk about different aspects of cities, urbanism & architecture and present them to you in an accessible way.

In the middle of May 2020 I released the first pilot episode of the podcast, after  a couple of months of intensive thinking about how the podcast should look like. As they say:  the hardest part is taking the  first step and starting something. It was very true in my case. I was recording the first pilot episode (that lasts a few minutes) dozens of times until I realised that I could do it endlessly, and the most important thing is that my friends and listeners hear my message and how I see the urban world around me. 

After a year, I can say that it was all worth it and that I didn’t expect how many fantastic people I would meet on my podcast journey. Every interaction and new talk is a new life lesson. It really is! 

I am very happy that I can share this knowledge with you — the listeners.

Remember that you create this podcast with me. Many themes and guests appear in Urbcast thanks to recommendations and spontaneous events. And it has always been a really awesome experience! And there is one thing that I can be sure about — it is just the beginning of our journey! 

Thank you for being here.

Meet your host:

My name is Marcin Wojciech Żebrowski.

I am a Business Development Coordinator at Henning Larsen ArchitectsUrbanist and Podcaster — simply a city lover based in Copenhagen⁣⁣.

I READ, WRITE and TALK about cities.

I have finished my studies in Urban Planning at the University of Warsaw and hold a Master of Science degree in Architecture with a specialisation in Sustainable Urban Design. 

Together with my friends from the master programme, I have co-founded an international urban design & architecture collective called Urban10. We take part in architecture competitions and promote Scandinavian architecture and design. 

Something more personal? I am 100% extraverted. I love to meet people and talking to them gives me a huge energy kick. But I also don’t mind  hiding with a book somewhere in nature from time to time.

I am very interested in self-development, personal and business brand building, health & wellness and music (mostly rap). Sport keeps me going.

In the podcast I share my biggest passions: cities, urbanism and architecture.

Have a nice listen! 

Marcin Wojciech Żebrowski

What People Say

“Marcin is a hard-working person and always looking for inspiration in order to develop himself and the community around him. As you know he is running his own podcast. I love it. He is inviting really inspiring guests and I always get something valuable while listening to his podcast. Keep up the good work Marcin! Keep loving Cities! ”
Mustafa Sherif
Child Friendly City Planner at AFRY, Urbanistica Podcast Host, Placemaking EU Leader, TEDxStockholm, Hack for Earth
“I have known Marcin as a classmate, a colleague, and a friend. I have had many great experiences with Marcin, working with him in the classroom, on competition work, on his self-proclaimed podcast on urbanism, and working with him to establish our own Urban10 collective. He is undoubtedly not only a complete professional but also one of the most enthusiastic people I have had the pleasure to know and work with!”
Emeline Lex
Architect/Urban Designer at Mandaworks

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