As a podcaster, I am opened to exciting collaborations.

Feel free to contact me if:
– you run a business devoted to urban and architectural topics and want to appear in the podcast

  • You represent a public institution and you are interested in a lecture on cities, urbanism & architecture related themes
  • You care about spatial and architectural education and have other cooperation proposals
  • You organise a city-related event and you would like to have a patronate
  • Have another idea?

    Feel free to write!


As a creator, I am also open to any comments and discussions.

Write to me if:

  • You want to share your opinion about the podcast
  • You want to recommend a topic or a guest for an episode
  • You have an idea on how to improve the podcast
  • or just want to chat!

+48 503 352 136


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What People Say

“Marcin is a hard-working person and always looking for inspiration in order to develop himself and the community around him. As you know he is running his own podcast. I love it. He is inviting really inspiring guests and I always get something valuable while listening to his podcast. Keep up the good work Marcin! Keep loving Cities! ”
Mustafa Sherif
Child Friendly City Planner at AFRY, Urbanistica Podcast Host, Placemaking EU Leader, TEDxStockholm, Hack for Earth
“I have known Marcin as a classmate, a colleague, and a friend. I have had many great experiences with Marcin, working with him in the classroom, on competition work, on his self-proclaimed podcast on urbanism, and working with him to establish our own Urban10 collective. He is undoubtedly not only a complete professional but also one of the most enthusiastic people I have had the pleasure to know and work with!”
Emeline Lex
Architect/Urban Designer at Mandaworks

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