121: How can temporary use impact post-industrial redevelopment? (guest: Laust Christian Holm Poulsen – CEO of Tunnelfabrikken)

Welcome to the 121st episode of Urbcast, in which we talk about: How can temporary use impact post-industrial redevelopment? ?

My guest today is Laust Christian Holm Poulsen Co-CEO at TUNNELFABRIKKEN and Entrepreneur and Experience Visionary.

We talk about the Tunnelfabrikkenwhich is a good example of a post-industrial transformation project that uses the temporary use to its advantage. We talk here, especially about prolonging the temporary use to attract the tenants that will create the future character of the development.

Some of the topics we touched upon:

✅ (Why) is it worth to transform industrial buildings?

✅ What is happening in the Tunnelfabrikken?

✅ How to turn temporary use into a longer-term perspective?

Lessons learned from turning an old industrial building into an event venue

✅ (How) should we prevent gentrification in industrial transformation projects?

Tunnelfabrikken: how will the future development process look like?

You can listen to this episode at urbcast.pl/en/episode121 or at the streaming platforms: pod.link/1515146767

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