127: How to achieve harmony with nature in urban environment? (guest: Morten Leicht Jeppsen – Metropolitan Metaculture)

Welcome to the 127th episode of Urbcast, in which we talk about: How to achieve harmony with nature in urban environment? 🧐

Why should we talk about it?

Is it is possible to achieve an ecological balance in cities? This week we will talk about the Metropolitan Metaculture which is a philosophy for sustainable urban green spaces that combines a focus on biodiversity and nature-based systems with innovative planting design.

My guest today isMorten Leicht Jeppsen – Urban Horticulturalist, Landscape architect, Plant specialist and the founder of Metropolitan Metaculture.

Morten sheds light on his vision of Metropolitan Metaculture, an innovative approach to urban landscape design that prioritizes sustainability, biodiversity, and enhancing city life through progressive and performative plantings.

Some of the topics we touched upon:

  • How Can Metropolitan Metaculture Revolutionize Urban Landscapes?
  • What is the philosophy of MeMe and how to work with the soft scape?
  • What has to change so that we can achieve the real sustainability?
  • Do we as people do enough to bring green and nature to our cities?

Book recommendations:

📚 The Life of Plants by Emanuele Coccia

You get to know more about the guest:

You can listen to the episode at: urbcast.pl/en

You will find more useful links at: https://linktr.ee/urbcast

Music: spear_oh

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