59: How to design safe urban spaces? (guest: Lotte Fast Carlsen – Nordic Safe Cities)

Are Nordic cities safe? How to design safe public spaces? ?

Let’s talk about the safety related challenges in the Northern Europe. Nordic cities tend to be safe, but every city, every region of the world has its problems.

In this episode, my guest is: Lotte Fast Carlsen – Deputy Director at Nordic Safe Cities.

We talk about Lotte’s attitude towards her work and about looking for a mission instead of a corporate or luxurious career.

We answer to some questions:


1) what is the definition of safety?

2) what safety problems do Nordic cities have?

3) what to do about the rise of polarization?

4) how to safeguard citizens from extremist violence, hate, and fear?

Nordic Safe Cities — A safe city thinkcubator

5) what is the story behind the NSC and the main focus of the alliance?

6) how can the Nordic network include cities from other parts of Europe and world and share their findings and the know how?

New Safe Urban Spaces Publication

7) What were the main findings of your Safe Urban Spaces Task Force created with SLA Architects?

8) What are the Safe Spaces Principles?

  • Create Local Alliances
  • Start With The People
  • Include Rather Than Exclude
  • Work Site-specific
  • Design For Positive Behaviour

Lotte’s book recommendation is:
The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin


You can follow Lotte and Nordic Safe Cities:

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