77: What is the ‘second life’ of an architecture project? (guest: Ippolita Nicotera – TOPOTEK1)

Welcome to 2022, 3rd season and 77th episode of Urbcast!

I missed you, and I am extremely excited to introduce you to the newest Communication & Business Development in Architecture series and episode of Urbcast! ?

In this week’s episode in English, we will talk about: What is the ‘second life’ of an architecture project?

Why should we talk about it?

Because the PR and business development side of architecture is often underestimated and overlooked. What happens to an architecture project after a competition is won, or after it is built? But promotion is the key to the success.

Why is it worth listening to?

Because Ippolita has over 10 year experience in being responsible for PR and Business Development at the renowned office TOPOTEK1, which is responsible for many inspiring projects (for ex. Superkilen in Copenhagen, to name one). She shares wise advice about how to promote your architectural projects.

About the guest:

Ippolita Nicotera – is an architect and Head of Public Relations & Business Development at TOPOTEK1

Topics that we talked about:

  • Is it common for an architect to involve in PR and business tasks?
  • What are the daily tasks of a PR and Business Development coordinator?
  • Do people working in PR work more or less than architects?
  • What is the second life of an architecture project?
  • How can an architecture office level up their PR and marketing?
  • How to reach out and get publicity in the business?

You get to know more about TOPOTEK1:

You can listen to the episode at: urbcast.pl/en/episode77

You will find more information at: https://linktr.ee/urbcast or urbcast.pl/en

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