85: How to embrace the local in the “new normal”? (guest: Liselott Stenfeldt – Director at GEHL Architects)

Welcome to the 85th episode of Urbcast, in which we will talk about: How to embrace the local in the “new normal”?

Why should we talk about it?

Pandemic enabled us to discover the new-old love for the locality and importance of well-designed public spaces. But we realized one more thing—the importance of having a more nuanced approach to healthy neighbourhoods, in this context for example a more deep understanding of soundscapes in our cities. Why is the sound so important?

Why is it worth listening to?

Because Liselott not only has a vast experience in innovative design of people friendly public spaces, but also unwinds the new approach to measuring and understanding the sound in our cities. We learn not only about how the future is local, but also about soundscapes as a part of a healthy city.

About the guest:

Liselott Stenfeldt—is Director & Team Lead at Gehl and Head of R&D s, who shares their initial stage of soundscape studies as a part of understanding and designing our future cities.

The topics we discussed:

  • How did the pandemic influence the work of urban planners?
  • How to study public life during Covid-19?
  • What made us rediscover our local neighborhoods?
  • Why should we measure sound qualitatively?
  • How can we enhance the understanding of sound in spatial terms, to make it more tangible across disciplines?
  • How can we find universal constants when coming to designing healthy soundscapes?

You get to know more about Liselott & GEHL:

You can listen to the episode at: urbcast.pl/en/episode85

You will find more information at: https://linktr.ee/urbcast or urbcast.pl/en

Music: spear_oh

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