89: How to BID successfully and win architectural projects? (guest: Halfdan Trolle Krawack – AART Architects)

Welcome to the 89th episode of Urbcast, in which we will talk about: How to BID successfully and win architectural projects?

Why should we talk about it?

Because having an architectural business and running it also means selling hours of your creative work. It is the key to get to know your clients and successfully bring in new interesting projects that help to grow your office and brand.

Why is it worth listening to?

Because Halfdan has developed an interesting career path from an architect to BID Manager. He shares his inspiring business development experience from Henning Larsen Architects and AART Architects. Moreover, he gives useful tips for developing your architecture work.

About the guest:

Halfdan Krawack – is a BID Manager at AART Architects and has developed his business development experience at Henning Larsen Architects before.

The topics we discussed:

  • How to discover and realize your professional potential?
  • What does a BID Manager in architecture do?

  • What are the challenges in shifting to the business side of architecture?
  • What is the most joyful and rewarding thing in the BD working process?
  • What is the no.1 tip for architects who want to bring in more projects?
  • Can Danish architects promote themselves and their work?

You get to know more about Halfdan & AART:

You can listen to the episode at: urbcast.pl/en/episode89

You will find more information at: https://linktr.ee/urbcast or urbcast.pl/en

Music: spear_oh

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