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Urbcast - a podcast about cities

Urbcast is an unique bilingual podcast about cities, urbanism, urban planning, architecture and much more. Every second Wednesday you will hear interviews with various guests and my observations regarding cities, urban design, architecture or living in the Scandinavian capital of design—Copenhagen.

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Let’s talk about cities, urbanism, architecture and urban planning

My podcast is an outcome of pure passion and a need to talk about cities. With time and new conversations, I realized how much we need an interdisciplinary approach when we talk about designing our cities. My goal is to present to you a variety of different topics in urbanism in a way that is accessible. In the podcast, I introduce a case, problem or challenge by talking to various experts within those fields.

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Welcome to the newest episode of Urbcast's Landscape Architecture series, in which we talk about: What Drives Success in the...

What People Say

"I believe, one of the most valuable traits to possess is having a growth mindset, which can be described as having a desire to constantly improve oneself, expand one’s horizons, and surround oneself with inspiring and like-minded people. This is a trait that requires hard work and constant self-evaluation. We have met with Marcin whilst recording Urbcast podcast, where I was his guest. The conversation we have had was in-depth, full of challenging questions, backed with research and willingness to explore uncharted territories. Marcin is a very enthusiastic and ‘open-minded’ professional and I am personally looking forward to our next collaborations!"
Ewa Lenart
Architect RIBA, Purcell Architects
"I was interviewed by Marcin as a guest at his podcast about cities. I found our talk very interesting. I find Marcin being a very dedicated person who follows his passion for cities and urbanism. During our conversation that we had, I liked that he was looking for the less obvious - more personal - side of architecture. I resonated with the questions about challenges and struggles in an architect’s career. As every young person, starting a career in the search for a professional compass. Being a part of Urbcast allowed me to share my thoughts, which I hope might be useful to the listeners of the show who are looking forward to working in architecture and especially in the citizen involvement approach."
Jeanette Westergaard Frisk
Architect & founding partner at arki_lab - Designing Cities With People

Meet Your Host

Business Development Coordinator, Urbanist and Podcaster

A graduate of Urban Planning at the University of Warsaw. He completed his Master’s degree in Architecture with specialization in Sustainable Urban Design at Swedish University of Lund. He has gained design experience in Danish architectural studios and currently works as Business Development Coordinator at Henning Larsen Architects. He is a co-founder of the international design collective Urban10, where he designs and popularizes the Scandinavian approach to design.

He has lived in Scandinavia for six years, and for three years in Copenhagen, its capital of design and architecture. He loves meeting people and talking to them, and in the podcast he shares his greatest passion: cities, urban planning and architecture.

Marcin Wojciech Żebrowski

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