159: Lessons from Paris: how to transform cities worldwide? (guest: Hélène Chartier – Director at C40 Cities)

Welcome to the 159. episode of Urbcast, in which we talk about: Lessons from Paris: how to transform cities worldwide? 🧐

Why should we talk about it?

Let’s uncover the valuable lessons from Paris—a city that successfully transformed its urban landscape. These can inspire and guide cities worldwide in their journey towards sustainability, showing that positive change is possible, even in dense areas.

Hélène Chartier, C40 Cities’ Director of Urban Planning and Design, shares insights on how cities worldwide can accelerate their journey towards sustainability and resilience. With her extensive experience, including advising the Mayor of Paris, this conversation serves as a valuable source of inspiration for city leaders and makers.

Some topics of today:

  • Parisian Urban Renaissance: a model for sustainability
  • Overcoming resistance in city transformation
  • Urban planner's and architects’ role in sustainable cities
  • Paris’ Path to Global Urban Inspiration

This is the third episode recorded during Urban Future conference 2023.

You get to know more about the guest:

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