34: Can podcasts change our cities? (guest: Mustafa Sherif – Urbanistica Podcast)

Mustafa is an Urban Planner at AFRY, Placemaking Europe Leader, TEDxTalk Content Researcher & co coach at TEDxStockholm, BUT his biggest passion is being a podcaster and urban influencer at Urbanistica Podcast. Urbanistica is a podcast with over 35 000 listeners from 110 countries!

In this episode: we introduce the story of Mustafa and his Urbanistica podcast. We talk about how we can influence the decision makers in cities as well as citizens with a podcast about urbanism. Basically, how can we change our cities with podcasting?

I also asked Mustafa about:

  • What does it mean to be an urban planner and urban influencer for him?
  • What is the most important thing when we talk about the development of our cities?
  • What was the incentive for him to create Urbanistica podcast?
  • How is he cooperating with H22 City Expo, Placemaking Europe & KTH The Royal Institute of Technology?
  • What was his biggest challenge as a podcaster?
  • Does he think that in the future podcast will become an official tool in urban planning and city making?

Book reccommended by Mustafa:

is a… PODCAST! Mustafa advices you to listen to a lot of podcasts and explore them in your favourite podcast app.

You can follow Mustafa on:

and his Urbanistica podcast at:

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