48: How to make an IMPACT? (guest: Signe Kongebro – Global Design Director & Partner – Henning Larsen Architects)

Welcome to the newest episode of Urbcast! It’s time for the second episode of the Copenhagen Architecture Offices Series.In the series I will introduce you to the architecture offices based in Copenhagen which I admire. Today I wanted to introduce you to one of the biggest Danish architecture offices – Henning Larsen Architects. It was founded back in 1959 by renowned Danish architect Henning Larsen – The Master of Light.

I want to use the opportunity of being a part of such an interesting office, full of inspiring designers, architects and engineers and show you how it works. The office is drawing of Scandinavian tradition and develops architecture with a huge role of sustainability. Recently, after becoming a part of the Ramboll group the office is developing as one big unit: Architecture, Landscape and Urbanism.

The second guest of this series is Signe KongebroGlobal Design Director for Urbanism and Landscape and Partner at Henning Larsen Architects.

Signe is the founder of Henning Larsen’s sustainability department and she has been a member of Henning Larsen’s management since 2008, and as partner she was most recently tasked with heading the practice’s business activities in Scandinavia, with a special focus on the Danish market.

We talked about:

  • Signe’s studies in New York and her first architecture studio
  • Why did she apply to Henning Larsen and how did the networking look like 20 years ago?
  • What has changed in the architect profession through the last 20 years?
  • Why did she introduce sustainability in the office?
  • How did sustainability change architecture?
  • What can you learn from working in a different context: from Iceland to Saudi Arabia?
  • How to use the weather in the design?
  • How to glue architecture, landscape and urbanism?
  • How many application does Henning Larsen Architect office get each month?
  • What is the most important thing when you start your career as an architect?
  • What is the role of podcasting in communicating architecture?

However, Signe did not recommend a book, she emphasized the role of the new media (including podcasts!) in communicating architecture, climate challenges and other current happenings (on Danish market especially):



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